Hiking Trails
About the Pu'u Wa'awa'a Trail System

In January 2006, the 1.3-mile Cinder Cone Trail was the
first public trail to open for hiking, establishing what would
eventually become a network of trails between the Highway
and the summit of Pu'u Wa'awa'a. Since then, the 'Ohia
Trail, the Halapepe Trail and two extensions to the 'Ohia
Trail comprise about 8 miles of trails available to the
public. In 2009, another 5 miles are expected to be prepared
for public use. The trail system has been developed and
maintained almost entirely by volunteer efforts. The trail
alignments are not new footpaths, rather they are old
bulldozer tracks made decades ago to encourage cattle to
take advantage of grass within the jagged 'a'a flows of the
'Ohia Paddock. Covered with dense fountain grass for many
decades, these tracks are selected and cleared for use as
hiking trails without needing to disturb the natural surface
of the land. Rare and common native trees,a as well as other
notable features on the landscape, are marked with signs
made of re-used redwood, material formerly used for ranch
water tanks. Brochures are available for all trails with maps
and details about the signed features.
Trail brochures in PDF format -

Halapepe Trail

Ohia-Cone Trail